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Meena Krishnan

President and Chief Executive Officer

 MS (Eco), MS (Sys. Eng)

Welcome to SciMetrika! SciMetrika was founded in 2001 with a passion to make a difference in providing Optimal Health solutions. Over the last decade alone, SciMetrika was awarded more than $100M across 200+ federal contracts or task orders.

A strong believer in applying innovation at all levels, Meena is passionate about making a difference to SciMetrika’s customer-base. With 25 years of professional experience, Meena has delivered strategic solutions in the government, commercial and international markets. Realizing that change is the only constant, she believes in improving every aspect of performance with innovative methodologies to provide highest customer satisfaction.
Meena’s background includes decades of Data Science experience leading senior statisticians and project managers in the government and commercial sectors. She has specific expertise in the development of sophisticated statistical programs, multivariate modeling and the utilization of statistical methods to analyze complex data, survey analysis, and the use of SAS software. Her leadership in directing data science teams led to many statistical models still in use and has added multi-million-dollar portfolio assets and efficiencies to customers in government and commercial customers.

Meena is a Wharton Business School alumnus (WAM’13); she graduated Summa cum Laude with M.S. in Systems Engineering from George Mason University; She holds the Dean’s gold medal for graduating at the top of the class in M.S. Econometrics with Ph.D. Research Scholar experience (dissertation pending) in Econometrics. She also holds a B.S. in Mathematics.

Meena strongly believes in helping the community. As the Chairman of a non-profit 501 (c) (3) Foundation called Save a Child Now, Meena works to effect the community positively. The foundation has won many national awards and has launched well-needed initiatives such as Project Touch, assisting close to 400 financially disadvantaged autistic children and young women in the US and around the Globe.

Meena was honored as the 2017 Minority Business Leader of the Year by Washington Business Journal and 2018 Women in Technology Leader in addition to being named as the Top 10 Women-led company entrepreneur by Inc 500 and 2018 BRAVA CEO of the year. She has been written about in a book called The Founders by Michael Caldwell (available in Amazon) wherein she shares her crucible story that lead to entrepreneurship.

Meena loves running, reading books, watching football and movies with her two daughters and husband.

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