Sustainable Programs

We build organizational capacity to implement proven health solutions. We are firm believers that health change is only possible if people are actively engaged in the change process. In this process, we are change agents. We empower clients to identify, acquire, and use the right methods, tools, and skills to achieve optimal health.

Training & Technical Assistance

We improve the capacity and readiness of individuals, communities, and organizations to conquer the most complex, urgent, and important health issues facing us today. Capacity building is crucial to the success of any newly implemented program. We view our role as a conduit between theory and practice. We customize our online and in-person training and technical assistance delivery to each client to most effectively provide support.


In order to achieve sustainable results, health interventions must be disseminated and implemented effectively. We tailor relevant theoretical models to help our clients bring evidence-based programs to scale. Our work helps clients understand and employ the essential elements required to translate and replicate evidence-based programs in real-world settings.


We apply theory-driven evaluation models and frameworks to design and conduct studies of program implementation and effectiveness. We also conduct organizational evaluations to generate actionable findings for decision makers and improve program capacity. To help clients enhance uptake of sustainable health programs and initiatives, our evaluation palette includes needs and resource assessments, evaluability assessments, logic model development, process evaluations, and outcome/impact evaluations.