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Data Collection & Analysis

We identify effective and sustainable initiatives by conducting primary data collection (using quantitative and qualitative methodologies) and secondary data analysis, including the performance of literature reviews.

Literature Reviews

We conduct literature reviews and Risk Assessments to uncover and summarize scientific evidence about risk or preventive factors, programs, or initiatives and population health outcomes. We produce knowledgeable and defensible results by combining our team’s expertise with standardized processes. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of scientific and epidemiologic studies, assigning the correct weight to current evidence and recommending future studies to fill knowledge gaps. For Federal Agencies and Commercial Clients, this fosters informed decision-making, risk-based action, and a safer world.

Statistics & Data Analysis

We answer hard questions about complex data. We know the tools, tests, and analyses to use to design and conduct studies, collect data, develop analytic plans, and interpret results in meaningful ways. This gets you the answers you need to make decisions.

Primary Data Collection (Mixed Methods)

For years, qualitative and quantitative fields have remained distinct. But, many of today’s research questions can’t be answered by analyzing quantitative data or qualitative data alone. SciMetrika recognizes that combining quantitative and qualitative data collection techniques and analyses provide the most robust answers, so we are leading the development of methodologies to bridge the gap between the two approaches.

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