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APHA 2014 – Serving Others, Reaching Out

At the American Public Health Association’s (APHA) 2014 Annual Meeting, SciMetrika partnered with The CITYPAK Project (CITYPAK) and the New Orleans Mission to serve homeless citizens of New Orleans. CITYPAK supplied and shipped 200 specially-designed backpacks, or “PAKs,” to New Orleans. At APHA’s 2014 Annual Meeting, SciMetrika invited attendees to donate personal hygiene items – soap, shampoo, lotions – to fill PAKs for recipients. SciMetrika also invited people to donate monetarily to the New Orleans Mission, promising to match up to $5,000 in contributions.

Following an evening meal with area homeless on November 17, Ron Kaplan, CITYPAK founder, and Claire McGarry of SciMetrika, demonstrated usage of the PAKs and led their distribution to attendees. This event marked the first time CITYPAK has served the city of New Orleans, and the first time CITYPAK has worked with a public health entity like SciMetrika.

SciMetrika is immensely grateful to CITYPAK and the New Orleans Mission for their partnership in this endeavor, and looks forward to collaborating together again on future projects. For more details, please view CITYPAK’s photo gallery of the event. To participate in the fundraiser to support the work of the New Orleans mission, visit CITYPAK accepts donations to its program at

Learn More – Public Health and the Homeless APHA maintains a Caucus on Homelessness, which develops program content exploring aspects of homelessness and health issues. Here are some links to APHA 2014 presentations on public health and homeless citizens:

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