Customer Focused

Management Consulting

SciMetrika helps public health organizations and agencies develop: mission priorities and agendas, effective solutions for constituents, and tactical alignment of public health research and practice with their missions and objectives.

Core Capabilities

  • Capacity building
  • Work group, expert panel, and scientific review convening
  • Establishment of interoperability of data exchange systems
  • Logistical and meeting support, facilitation, and documentation
  • Scientific and technical consultation
  • Strategic and organizational planning
  • Systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses
  • Technical support to grantees, partners and external stakeholders
  • Training

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Specialized Expertise
We call on our long-running relationships with industry's most influential and seasoned experts to quickly provide answers and plans to our clients. Our success rate in obtaining assistance from and retaining expert consultants has been nearly 95 percent for more than ten management consulting projects in the past two years.

Practical Execution
We help organizations improve their performance by analyzing existing business problems and planning for improvement. Our technical assistance includes expert advice in the application of technology and scientific knowledge, as well as provision of generalist scientific and technical consulting services.