Customer Focused

Health Behavior, Health Education & Evaluation

Our social scientists and health behavior researchers are united by a passion for advancing human health. With expertise and experience in both research and practice, we understand how these fields interact and incorporate this understanding into each of our projects.

We recognize that evaluation activities are crucial to the success of any newly-implemented program, and know how to address virtually any program development and evaluation-related challenge, whether formative or summative.

Core Capabilities

  • Implementation research, feasibility studies, and formative research
  • Translation and dissemination of evidence-based knowledge and programs
  • Program planning, development and implementation
  • Community-based participatory research
  • Systematic literature reviews and environmental scans
  • Technical expert panels
  • Report and manuscript development
  • Evaluation planning and design
  • Measurement tool selection and survey design
  • Pilot testing study design
  • Quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis
  • Strategic data dissemination
  • Systematic literature review and meta-analysis
  • Capacity building
  • Scientific report and manuscript writing and preparation

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Specialized Expertise
We specialize in researching behavioral, social, and interpersonal factors to understand and document how human behavior influences health status, and know how to development health communication materials to support this work.

Our staff have managed nearly all facets of the program development and evaluation process, including: planning and implementing diverse public health/human health prevention programs and strategies; developing and implementing evaluation designs and systems; constructing and field testing instruments; preparing OMB clearance packages; analyzing raw data; developing final evaluation reports; and improving prevention strategies and programs.

Practical Execution
We utilize approaches grounded in behavioral and educational theory to promote health and prevent disease. We have served a wide variety of government and private customers, placing emphasis on technical proficiency, sound scientific design, and best practices.

Our unique combination of experience in both academia and practice enables us to foresee the program development and evaluation translation issues that can arise these initiatives. For example, when developing evaluation products to be used by practitioners, we ensure that evaluation systems and tools are not only scientifically sound, but they also are adaptable to fit the end users' practical needs and contextual circumstances.