Customer Focused

Global Health

We aspire to improve health across the globe, reducing disparities and protecting against threats that transcend national borders. Clients rely on us for professional and technical support working with various offices, organizations and governmental agencies around the design, management and implementation of global health programs and initiatives.

Core Capabilities

  • Education, counseling and outreach
  • Clinical testing
  • Data collection and validation
  • Disease management
  • Health care linkage and liaison
  • HIV awareness
  • Infection incidence analysis
  • Population health record infrastructure
  • Response analysis
  • Surveillance systems
  • Technical and IT support
  • Training and development

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Specialized Expertise
We help public health organizations monitor health trends and develop health improvement strategies, and provide strategic, logistical and technical assistance to a variety of domestic and international partners. We have the in-house capabilities to analyze health issues; to develop and deploy communications, education, and outreach solutions; to deliver technical and operational support; to provide financial management consultation; and provide technical assistance to public health, medical and scientific personnel in both laboratory and office activities. Staff trained in clinical psychology, sociomedical sciences, health behavior and education, and international studies develop education, counseling and training programs, conduct behavioral interventions, and provide linkage to treatment and care.

Practical Execution
Our expertise across the full spectrum of health services combines with our skill in agile collaboration across teams and partners to ensure that the right solution is created and delivered in a timely fashion, every time.