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Rebecca Smartis, MS

Public Health Specialist

smartis.jpgPossessing expertise in both environmental science and economics, Rebecca Smartis is a specialist who excels at balancing the oft-competing needs of budgets, research, and implementation.

Joining SciMetrika in 2011, Rebecca has spearheaded projects for key government contracts that have earned praise from both clients and end users. Rebecca’s environmental health-related work at SciMetrika can span the spectrum from survey research to OMB package development, from agency collaboration to worker training and preparedness, and Rebecca excels at devising the perfect balance for each project. She has most enjoyed her contributions to efforts resulting in visible impacts in the field, including devising toolkits for health departments to use in post-chemical release incident investigations, and building and coordinating workgroups for professionals to share findings and solutions to specific environmental hazards or issues.

Helping Programs Maximize Impact
“I was interested in environmental sciences because of the opportunities to make an impact,” says Rebecca. “But I came into it from maybe a less starry-eyed perspective than some others, I was interested in what's possible economically, too. I appreciate the challenge of how to balance the need for a healthy society within economic constraints. I enjoy finding ways to maximize a program's impact within its budget.”

Rebecca holds and MS in Economics and BS in Environmental Science from Baylor University. Rebecca describes herself as a perfectionist who loves her work, but when she's not busy perfecting solutions for her clients she likes to escape with photography, writing, and just being outdoors.